Dating apps the harsh truth

We all wonder why god hates us all but have managed to find a way to turn dating into a flick book of fucking.

I joined tinder and bumble and flicked my way through Cambridge’s most desperate and sexually repressed. Entertaining as it was, like flicking through an Argos book of tits and ass, it degrades people to objects to be submitted to a yay or nay.

That being said if you swipe enough and have a little bit about you (and maybe a good picture to back it up) before you know it you’ll be drowning in a sea of pussy (or dick depending whom you are)….

As the upfront and liberal guy I am, I tend never to struggle to find a new partner to whittle my life away with. The thing is in recent years it seems more acceptable to flick your way into bed than walk on into a bar, meet someone and slip the finger in the taxi home (and who said romance is dead?).

The sad thing is I think of myself as a romantic in this world, I had a beautiful woman whom I loved dearly and all I ever wanted was to treat her like the goddess she really is, we spent far more time dating than fucking and that’s what I wanted…. so where did the romance go? Where did the “id give you my last penny” attitude go? Fuck that flick flick flick and onto the next one!

So where to now? Unhappily drowning in a lake of easy and undeserved hot ass. The sexually liberated are out in force and the liberals are along for the ride. Parking my privates in not so private whilst i move forward and await the next real connection worth really working for?

So god may hate us but I love all of you fucked up weirdos.


  1. Thank you so much for your support, I’ve had a few bits of bad press from this (mostly from Facebook). All I wanted to say is how fucked we are and to point out just how bad this stuff has got. Feeling the love right now


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