The Journey Begins

I have put this off for a few days now but let’s attack this head on.

About me…. I hurt people, people I love…. I feel regret but I did it. I live in pain, but it’s a good pain, I’m not unhappy… in fact I’m a chirpy guy but I’m pained by the love I’ve lost, by opportunities I’ve missed and by a life that disappointed me. I’m a womaniser…. a good one too but in honesty I’d exchange it all for one last day with a woman I loved.

I look around this world and i see a broken society, a society of unhappy damaged people, people horded into the same reality tv watching, job hating, issue ignoring cycle that I have been. I see a life that could have been…. if only I’d freed myself from this.

I can honestly say I love everyone I meet in their own way, i see beauty in everybody even in the most deplorable situations. I spend my life at work watching people go through the most painful and desperate of times, sometimes they win and they survive others I witness their last moments.

Keep tuned and eventually I’ll tell you it all, every gory detail, I’ll be all talked out and I’ll go.


  1. Sometimes i think wow we are all so different as people but maybe in one way or another we are all the same you know to some degree, lobe os a beautiful thing so happy tobsee you show it


  2. Exactly that, I don’t believe that people show enough empathy, I spent so long not doing and saying the things I wanted because I worried about the reaction but realistically if those people can’t empathise with me why am I bothered? I’d do it for them….


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