Why is everyone so busy?

It occurs to me that so many people are droning themselves into a rushed and permanent grave, living for a Friday that barely shows itself in an anticlimactic shit show where you drink yourself into forgetfulness to abandon your shitty little life…..

I can’t believe that life wasn’t always this mundane, that once upon a time there was no structure and there was no Friday (at least not in the sense we have it), there were no pent up malicious fucking loser bosses who ruin lives for four fifths of your life…. the sad thing is, THEIR LIFE IS SHIT TOO!!!…….. but that’s life right?

I don’t even work a 9 to 5 and I fucking hate those bosses, so why are we putting up with this? Why are we bothering with all of this stuff? We have allowed a life where you are stuck, trapped, enslaved in this spiral of paying mortgages for houses we barely see because we are stuck in an office we hate…. befriending work colleagues we have to secretly hate because some overweight lonely Human Resources employee with a gunt and moustache will destroy you if you are “unprofessional” in any way shape or form. Once again the sad thing is she’s fucking miserable too! I can’t even get my head around whom is the happy one in this scenario?

But why? Why should I be afraid of acting out? Why should I be afraid of living a life I want to? Don’t get me wrong I’m not advocating lawlessness….. I’m not saying I should be allowed to nail half of the HR department with a machete…. how ever hard that makes my dick thinking of it.

But why so much sway? Why can we not just nut up and live the life we want? Throw caution to the wind and do what makes you smile?

I started doing this thing where I consciously tried to live in the moment, spent 5 minutes to just breathe and take in my life…. it helped but it didn’t get me anywhere, It didn’t stop Teresa Mays secret war against the life styles of the working class…. but at least I took note of the little things.

I guess that’s my rant over… I don’t have time for this shit I have to get back to work… I have a mortgage to pay.

Be kind to each other… in this life we need the kindness more now than ever…. and Linda from HR sorry for mentioning the gunt and moustache.

Love you homies.

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