A homeless generation

You’re a bad human, Do you feel deplorable? Maybe you should do and maybe you should admit the fact that you don’t give a fuck? But don’t worry it’s human, i think it’s human to assume someone else will do the things you don’t want to, to deal with the things you don’t want to…. especially when it’s not really your problem…. and don’t get me wrong I’m sure there are people out there that are focusing on this.

Today I walked past a homeless man, barely registering him. He probably had very little and may not comfortably make it through the night when I have far more than I need…. am I a greedy prick or am I the norm? Does being normal make me any less of an asshole? If the norm is for no one to care about these people who will support the most vulnerable?

So why don’t we all help out? I was considering this tonight whilst I sat in my ivory tower of superiority…. why wouldn’t I allow one of these people into my home? Feed him? Give him some of the mountain of clothes I just don’t want to wear? To help them in a meaningful way…. do you really think your pennies you dropped in that hat will have changed their world?

What really differentiates you from them? What really makes me any better than them? Am I superior in some way orrrr is it that I had a bit of better luck? I suggest the second answer is far more likely, that my parents bailed me out from some complete fuck up and his didn’t, or he had some tragedy that I didn’t… or maybe his life has just always been shit? who knows but either way that’s just luck and circumstance.

Why would we not as a society admit the ugly truth that we have a problem and show compassion. I was recently dating a young lady whom honestly believed that almost all of the homeless are fakes… she had seen it on tv. Highly unlikely to be honest but that program did exist.

So what’s the answer? I guess I don’t know and to be honest I have my own problems to deal with so I’ll drop my money in the bucket and carry on with my day knowing I’m a good guy.

Love you homies x

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