What would your eulogy say?

Have you ever stopped your important little life to think about what would happen when you’re gone? Well let’s be honest it’s coming and probably faster than you think it is.

Religion arguments aside, whether you’re looking down on yourself from a better place (or in my case it’s more likely the firey pits of hell) or not, you will still be gone and us humans, as sentimental and traditional as we are really aren’t in the habit of just feeding our dead to the pigs and laughing it off…..

you can almost guarantee that there will be some description of service where they remove your physical presence from this earth, who knows what ever form that will take….. almost always someone will say something… what would yours say?

Would there be crowds of adoring fans tearing away at the great loss of this world or will it be done in an empty room by the service manager at the local crematorium. I’d probably guess somewhere in the middle for most, a small gathering to wave one last harrah, see you later, off you twiddle into what ever is next.

But what would it be like? Who would come? Would anybody come? Would someone surprise you by coming when you thought they never would?

Who would read for you? I genuinely worry about what would be said for me… My son might say nice things about how he knew I’d tried for him, how he understood that sometimes things were hard for me but I remained and always worked for him…. maybe a parent might go on to stage and talk about how they always loved me anyway? I always wanted “her” to read for me, the woman I thought I’d die next to…. she would be in the “someone surprising me” category nowadays but she would have done something beautiful I’m sure.

Maybe a friend…. there’s a very strong possibility that someone who’s yet to walk into my life will read.

Maybe something truly great will happen in my life that will make my life worthy of a mention in the news. You never know what’s around the corner do you?

Let’s be quite honest here and say there’s more pressing things going on in my life than what will happen after I’m gone…. but it’s worth a thought when there’s nothing but reality tv on offer is it not?

So screw it let’s carry on as we always have but just remember that catastrophic fuck up just around the next corner may well be what is spoken about when you’re gone.

So just try to love each other, try not to make it to embarrassing and just remember….. even if it’s bad you won’t have to sit through it anyways.

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