Killing the earth…. the reasons why we fucked up our home.

Would you shit on your living room floor? Would you set fire to your tv? Would you destroy your kitchen? I’m guessing the answer is no…. if it’s yes seek help immediately there’s something wrong with you. So why are we doing this to our planet? We won’t get another!

Systematically as a race we are destroying this planet and it seems most people don’t care, like most things it’s small exemption after small exception and eventually you’re fucking miles from where you need to be.

We are basically a disease spreading across the world destroying and moving forward, whether its nuclear weapons or destruction of forests we are completely fucking up this little blue ball that homes us.

I read a thing today that said bees are in decline, without bees we have 4 habitable years left… I’m sure that in 4 years we won’t all be gone but it’s time to think right?

But why do we do this to ourselves? My only really have two ideas…. 1- there are far to many of us, 2- we all want an easy life… let’s look at these things.

1. In 1800 it’s estimated that we had roughly 1 billion humans on this planet. It was actually healthy…. but we weren’t, we lived a shitty life where you died young and worked for your every meal….

fast forward 200 years we are at 7.6 billion (roughly), some places are coping, others are struggling but as a race we are booming.

So I’ve been google and i found a figure that someone cleverer than me has found and that’s 9.7 billion (2.1 billion more than we are now)…. that’s the point where our planet cannot sustain us any longer. That seems so far away but when you consider the rate what we are expanding actually it’s within a lifetime.

Let’s be real here…. what’s the chances of another world war? What’s the chances that when push comes to shove we will be at each others throats?

If there wasn’t enough food to feed your child would you steal? If you couldn’t steal would you forcefully take it? I’m telling you now…. if it comes to that, stay the fuck away from me because I would be. History has shown us that Nations tend to have a similar attitude. Pick off the weak and take what you need.

So a world war may fix this problem, it may buy us a little time but let’s look at that…. World War Two was the worst war in history… it was madness. But all in all they think that’s roughly 80 million dead, that’s absolutely Appalling…. even then that gets us to just north of 7.5 billion, an insignificant amount really if you you’re looking at population control.

We are however better at killing than ever before…. I’m sure that number could be beaten with modern weapons but I’m sure the environmental cost would be heavy.

Maybe some kinda of influenza? We have had bubonic plague that killed roughly 100 million…. but we are better at health care so I’m sure that number would drastically decrease.

To be honest mass killings aren’t really my style so there must be a better option? We examine later.

2- There’s also another problem, western opulence… as much as we moan we live a pretty easy life, especially when put up aside what it has been in the past…. but all of this comes at a cost. We destroy forests for farms so we can mass produce food to feed this sprawling population, we industrialise destroying the atmosphere so we can have cheap products.

We don’t even consider our planet, we build high into the sky to home our growing population and to churn out more and more products… we don’t turn these into green buildings, they aren’t built with plants running up the side…. why? Because it’s expensive, ugly and who really cares. I’d rather have a good looking building than one that helps to support us.

So what now…. well as I said I’m not feeling the idea of mass killings, I’m also not a fan of my kid or grandkids seeing the end of the world. So why don’t we start to change? Bite the bullet and bring in some kind of population control (kind population control) and start to realise that it’s not your human right to have 10 kids actually procreation is a right but not to that extent, that wealth does not mean you can do as you wish without consequences.

Maybe we start to strip the mega wealthy of some of their wealth and give it to the poor and to sustainable projects, have governance where a project is judged on its worth to our society not just its monetary value. Money isn’t everything in this world but if we don’t consider our actions it could be the end of it.

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