Life lessons from my pal Marky.

Buy low sell high, that’s all you need to know….. fatal last words coming out of Marks mouth, he wants into investing money but there’s a few fatal flaws with his plan….. he has nothing to invest, he has fuck all idea what to do and he’s not willing to take advice.

He tells me he knows a life hack, apply for multiple credit cards all at once and you can get accepted before your credit file is updated…. he tells me he has 20k of credit cards (4 x 5k cards) and he’s going to invest. I try to explain how bad of an idea it is before it becomes broadly apparent that it’s to late, he’s already done it…. 20k of the finest borrowed money into one single investment that he just can’t afford, one that’s booming…. not exactly buy low? Two days later….. the ass falls out of the crypto currency world and his £20,000 is now worth maybe £4/5000…. if he’s lucky.

This is just one in a line of tragedies as long as my arm that Mark has phoned me to explain…. whatever my reply, we will soon be there again (as it goes, a week later he phoned me asking for money because he spent his whole wage on cocaine when he was drunk)

The thing is mark is living life to the fucking fullest, he doesn’t plan forward, he doesn’t worry about anything further than his newest drama…. and that’s great and admirable but when all is said and done it lands him in trouble. But he’s blissfully happy, he just doesn’t care about anything other than that single drama in front of him. Much like a junky whom only cares about the next fix or maybe Alan from the hangover.

Need money? get a loan…. who cares if you can pay it off….you have cash, get angry? punch a police man, run out of money on holiday?… well he ended up in Thai jail (all things that happened) if you’re winning in that moment you’re winning and when you’re losing…. well you can do nothing but wonder why.

As much as it’s contradictory he needs to think ahead and keep that live in the moment attitude that makes him great.

He also never listens, he was speaking to experienced traders during the crypto currency drama and he only listened to advice that aligned with what he wanted to hear. It’s like banging your head against a brick wall.

I do however love the guy to pieces but he’s hard work. One day he will get his shit together but I can’t see it being any time soon…. today we are dealing with drunk driving charges, who knows what’s next.

Other dynamic life decisions include; paying for hookers on company credit card, encouraging a random Canadian to move to the uk, putting his whole life saving on red on a roulette wheel, UK, Hungarian, Thai and French jails…. the list goes on.

I was asked recently whom I’d help out if I won the lottery and as much as I would love to, I know he would likely end up dead very quickly if he came into money….. to be honest he’s likely to anyway but dear god he would have had one hell of a life.

If you ever read this Marky please know I love you man, you’re like the child I wish I’d had aborted x

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