Religion…. what I think on this matter.

Sooooo I’ll be honest, religion really pisses me off! It’s not the religion it’s the people behind it.

I don’t particularly follow any religion, In fact I don’t know how to classify myself, I’m not atheist but I’m really not buying what the religions are churning out….

I have had this conversation with a few religious figures (from a range of religions) who all look at me like a absolute psychopath….. how the fuck can I not believe their every word???

Is it that crazy to think that no one has got it right? So let me fight my point…. a majority of religions aren’t particularly new things.

Take Christianity…. 2000 years give or take, you’re telling me that this book written 2000 years ago and translated and fiddled with again and again is completely accurate?

That’s not to say the fundamentals of your religion are wrong but does the book have to be right? Does a very human (and somewhat primitive version of society) interpretation of events hold that much sway on the basis of a religion? Maybe nothing in the bible is right but actually the message is correct… does that make the religion any less right? I don’t believe so.

I actually am a fan of religion but not so much of the people in it. I feel that religion is necessary…. ok look at it like this, we lived in a feral society, religion comes along and all of a sudden sets some description of rules. Not only just rules but they leverage it by giving either reward of punishment (heaven or hell type scenario).

So when you look at it like that, religion may well have saved us, not from anything in particular just ourselves, it’s necessary! Look at the decline of mainstream religions in the West, behaviour is definitely more liberal now…. that’s not to say I am not embracing it to the fullest extent…. I am an absolute heaven at the best of times but what road does this lead us on?

I guess you’ll only ever really know what the truth is in death and let’s be honest you’re not giving spoilers to the living after that has happened.

I don’t really know what to believe but I do feel that no single religion has everything completely nailed down…. you might do but I don’t.

I think as long as you give love and try your best in life I’m sure that what ever you come across next will be kind to you.


  1. Religion is great. Telling people that their reward is coming AFTER they die, saves a LOT of money and you can pretty much abuse them as you see fit.

    Nice rant, BTW…


    1. I didn’t mean it quite like that I just don’t like things being shoved down my throat… I respect people’s beliefs but I just can’t get my head around why people are so extreme and hard line about it.


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