Do gooders, a tale of how the moaners ruined the world… I may regret this post 😳

Compliments to the do gooders, good work to the complainers and well done to the easily offended…. you are doing such a great job of ruining everyone’s lives.

On the daily I deal with moaners, somehow it’s my problem that they have taken issue with me.

Maybe it’s social media giving every bored housewife or unemployed loser a platform to interfere with everybody’s lives…. maybe it’s a case of step by step we gave and gave until in what feels like a blink of an eye, we have a society where this is ok.

I can’t help but feel offended at the offence people take over the stupidest shit…. “I find that offensive” or my new favourite “someone could find that offensive” is muttered on the daily. I find it utterly disturbing how much sway we take from other people’s upset. We are all big boys and girls surely someone saying something isn’t going to kill you.

Don’t get me wrong respect is key, I’d never intentionally be disrespectful to anyone… but there is a huge difference between offence and disrespect.

I get that we have come from a bad place, we were openly disrespectful, racism, sexism, homophobia….. it was all on the menu for everyone to frequently dabble in. Let’s be honest that was shitty… especially if it’s aimed at you.

But there’s a huge difference between taring into someone for being black or gay or whatever and telling someone to fuck off and stop being a massive cunt (I hate that word)…. one is changeable behaviour and one is who you are as a person.

So fuck it let’s let life go back a step, let’s take it back! that freedom of speech that all of those objectified and abused people worked so hard for. Let’s understand that if you upset someone an apology and mutual understanding may just work wonders.

Always show love and tolerance but fuck this let’s stand up for ourselves and just say “fuck off you prick”

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