4 things we could all learn from deadpool

So much like many others I recently watched deadpool 2 (twice actually… dating life!) and I couldn’t help but just admire the character… so let’s do this, I’ll explain why I liked him so much.

1- nothing is to serious, he has a mission to accomplish but nothing else is to serious. He’s fucking people up and killing anyone whom blocks his way but he’s still trying to have fun and making jokes. He understands that life is shit so why not make it fun.

2- He has a mission and no matter what the cost he will accomplish it. Yeah you’re right there wouldn’t be a movie if he just gave up but still it’s worth noting.

3- He understands love, he knows what’s important to him… he found a woman worth giving it all for and at the core of him is all that really matters. I respect that. I once felt that way and I can relate to the nothing mattering bit.

4- He isn’t afraid to show his true unfiltered self, he knows what and he knows who he is and he openly shows it.

Also I loved the movie just FYI.

So let’s take what we learned… but not literally you can’t just kill people.


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