Feral children…. when did it stop being ok to be honest about your kids?

So I have a kid and not so long ago he was a baby, I went to NCT group as do many people and it was great! I hated the woman I was having a child with but the group was great. The thing that struck me was that after we all hatched our little potatoes and we met up….. shock horror!!! all of their children were sleeping through the night almost immediately.

Mine on the other hand was basically a fire breathing dragon who idolised the thought of sleeping when I couldn’t and screaming constantly through the nights.

This lasted for months after months. A less cynical man may have believed their shit if it wasn’t for the exhausted and broken look in their eyes.

But I don’t get why you’d put this front on things, I don’t get why you wouldn’t all just be in this together?

So I’m going to say now, my kid is absolutely fabulous, he’s the apple of my eye and I love him in a way I didn’t think I could love a creature whom basically just takes shit from me.

That being said…. he’s an absolute pain in the ass, is currently breaking my soul and killing any hope I have for the future…. I say that in a loving way.

Things were definitely easier when I had my ex around, she definitely helped but alone it is fucking hard. Her kid was an angel too, as a family I had it easy.

I really do wish that it could just be the good times…. but how would we recognise them without the hard bits.

I love you all….. but not as much as my boy…

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