Thank you Grenfell enquiry.

Now I don’t really talk about my work because if I’m honest I worry I’ll be fired for doing so. But I am a firefighter… I’m not going to say where or for what organisation because of above reason.

So this morning I was catching up on the news this morning and I read a sky news article about WC Dowden being pulled in and having to fight his corner for the Grenfell enquiry.

First can I just say WHAT THE FUCK! I saw a bit of it and why on Earth is this poor man being blamed…. Well not blamed but let’s be honest they are trying to find someone to blame and he’s in the cross hairs.

Now I need to say I wasn’t at Grenfell… like many I watched it on TV the next day. I have friends who were there and the stories they tell me seem a million miles from my expenses fighting high rise fires.

All I really can say is I truly feel for those whom lost their life in that tower and I feel for those who had to go there that night, their actions should not be criticised using the power of hindsight, it’s all about doing your best at the time… not magically knowing the answers to what was outright labelled a disaster. It shouldn’t be about blame…. it’s about making sure this doesn’t happen again.

All my love.


  1. Modern society has so few disasters that, when they get one, the public wants some assurance that it will never happen again. It doesn’t even need to be legitimate assurance… just something to allay their fears.

    Happens here in the States as well…

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    1. I just feel for the people who turned up to something like that and just really did their best by the people involved…. who ever they were be that emergency services, council workers, charities…. everyone is a fucking critic. I remember talking to someone after 9/11 from New York and he said that the public were amazing and he was a hero but there were people looking into the actions of the responders…. they lost their friends there too!! They weren’t strangers

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      1. The sad thing is I truly don’t believe that they are frightened that it will happen again they just don’t want blame. Makes me sad


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