UK health system

So to celebrate the 70th birthday of the NHS I went to my local dr (first time in many years as I usually have private care), I have had a rancid chest infection and it just wasn’t shifting, I sat in a waiting room, watching kids play with toys and listening to single mothers moan about deadbeat dads and almost everyone else there was elderly…..

This all makes complete sense?? Kids get sick and parents are worriers and the elderly….. well they’re old.

It does annoy me though, it seems the only people whom aren’t using the services are the tax paying workers…. realistically the people we need to keep healthy and moving along?

So this seems to be the crack, the system needs people to pay taxes…. this is where the billions of pounds of funding comes from…. this requires a healthy workforce to maintain the funding…. so you would obviously expect that the free at the point of use services to be most open to the work force?

You would be dearly mistaken… in-fact working age, employed people are actually the only ones whom pay for things like drugs…. the same with dentists, opticians etc.

There is also another part to the puzzle, if I get sick and take time off work, more than 2 days and I’m facing a disciplinary, it’s not a long road to the unemployment line from there anymore.

So to be honest if I’m sick, I’m just far to busy to fuck about getting better….. to go to dr I would have to take time off work…. to take time off work I risk losing my job?

There is another side to this…. if I am paying to a system that I rarely get to use (see above) then why should I pay? Essentially I’m paying for the people who don’t, can’t or won’t work to pay in. I get the kids…. don’t misunderstand yes they are the future and we should as a society protect them, but why should I pay for their parents? For the long term unemployed?

There’s the elderly and you know what they paid for years for this service… surely they deserve to be looked after? I think so! The only thing I’d change is the fact they have no option but to take services from the system. There seems to be this feeling that growing old is a human right, maybe that’s not natural…. I’m not saying you shouldn’t get to chose… but it shouldn’t be forced upon you.

If you want to live until your 100 and you want to go senile and have to have someone wipe your ass then good for you bud…. I personally wouldn’t want that.

Don’t get me wrong it’s a wonderful system but I just wanted to moan a little…

Anyway that’s my rant over.

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