Why cheat life?

This is me down to a tee…. but let’s face it no one is modelling themselves on this fucking mine field.

Easiest simplest way forward, that’s my motto…. fuck off… I’ve recently had to learn a few lessons the hard way and one of them is that if you cut corners and take the easy way out each time you have a challenge then you won’t learn! How will you know the path to take next time? Is that even the kind of life you want? Realistically Adversity is the route to success…… so why do we all try to cheat? I do all of the time!!!

I read recently that without darkness you’d never see the stars and I loved that…. so why do I always avoid the darkness?

I literally always take the easy way out! The path of least resistance is always a win in my book but let’s be honest it’s never done me a favour and to be fair I haven’t learnt many life lessons because of it.

The ones I do learn are rarely little ones, it’s monumental fuck ups, fuck ups that would be costly…. but if I had actually learnt things along the way then maybe it would be far simpler when life comes crashing down!!!

So I guess what I’m trying to say is stop being such a lazy prick and take the long road on occasion.

I hope you learn all you need and life is kind.


  1. I think that being on a high school sports team is a good way to simulate adversity. We have so little real adversity that we, as a species, have to create it…


    1. But maybe all we are doing is avoiding the adversity…. we got better at having options that’s all. What sport did you play?


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