Altruistic organ donation.

So for those of you that read regularly you may know I’m giving away some bits…. like a yard sale but instead of selling off old box set DVDs I’m chucking out my organs.

I didn’t tell anyone until it was confirmed that I was eligible and there was at least a hint I was to actually doing it.

Well that time has come and now I am in what they call the final stages of selection.

The first thing that struck me was the reactions I got. When I told people I expected at least a small glimpse of admiration or at least a “oh cool”…. in fact I have had to argue my case each time?

The common argument seems to be “what if you need the spare you gave away”…. the simple answer is I die…. or get a donor… is that not fucking obvious?

Or the other one from my mother (gotta love her) “what if I need your spare kidney?” Again the answer is obvious…. she better start being nicer to my brother or alternatively maybe try to find religion and get praying.

So let me lay it out straight, as to exactly why I want to do it.

The obvious reason…. it is going to save someone… in fact they think that on average each kidney being donated without a pair will set a chain reaction with donors whom don’t match their pair…. 3 recipients in need of a kidney hopefully will get one (confusing I know).

I actually believe it is the right thing to do and don’t we all want to do the right thing?

There’s also the selfish reason. I know I say this a lot but I truly believe this, I’m a bad person…. I’m not quite Hitler but I have been a bad person in the past and I’ve hurt a lot of people, in ways that aren’t normal… I think I’d like to be able to look myself in the mirror again and not feel ashamed of the person I grew to be.

I get that you can’t change the past but you can control what happens in the future and who you become.

Obviously I can’t tell people that…. because even I know that’s a fucking stupid reason to want to give away a body part. I mostly just try to Claim some kind of noble mission I felt I should take on but in reality I’m trying to balance out the good and bad from my life.

So to whom ever does get my spare parts… I hope that you take the second chance and make good on it, I hope that it takes and that is you fixed up but most of all…. I hope it doesn’t make you evil… you never know it could have been my evil kidneys that made me do all of those bad things 😳. Either way please know that whatever happens I love you and I’m glad to help you


    1. Yeah it’s called altruistic donation. There’s more to it than in the article but you know how these things are. Cheers buddy, worst case…. easy way to lose a touch of weight.


      1. Haha trust me I’m still a monster… just today I’m being nice. Kind of like when King Kong is nice to Jane whilst killing half of New York

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