Why do we let dick heads into politics?

Once upon a time taking up office was a noble thing, it was a public service, a job for the best of the community.

Yes I’m aware that corruption has always gone hand in hand with power but it seems we have lost any kind of honour in recent years.

This group of 650 assholes have collectively screwed everyone in the country, ruined the standard of living for the country, destroyed social care and now they are managing to drop a bollock negotiating with the EU.

I’ll be honest I have despised politicians ever since they illegally forced a bill through parliament that destroyed my pension and working conditions…. it was ok though because they still have a decent pension (all in this together…. fuck off you bellend).

The thing that I don’t understand is how are they still in power…. ok so let’s do the math 650 politicians in a population of 65,100,000 (last census in 2016). Why would we allow so much pain to be caused by so few? I’m putting it out there…. there are countries where they would have been hung by now (I’m not suggesting that we do that….. am I?).

For the first time certainly in my lifetime there are rallies for one discontent group of another every week and putting it simply they are pointless because THEY DONT GIVE A FUCK!!!!! it’s true! The last time I saw anyone care was in the riots. Maybe they should have set fire to parliament…. would that have made them listen?

It wouldn’t be to bad if anyone thought that they had the populations interest at heart and not their own. They aren’t loyal to their constituents…. they aren’t even loyal to their party.

I can’t think of a single day that I’ve woken and not read about one politician or another revolting against their leader…. there’s certainly the feeling that all honour may have been lost in Roman times.

They start each talking point referring to their peers as “the right honourable gentleman/lady from….” but I see no honour, their reference to this and value in tradition may be the last part of true honour left in a system filled with corrupt weasels.

I understand all of this seems extreme but we really do need a rebalance of power and I would truly hope that it can be done peacefully.

I guess all I want is for them to either do better or fuck off.


  1. As you know, we have a similar problem here; but, we know that all we have to do is get together enough votes to be the majority and somehow…. we will lose the election anyway…


    1. But is the o position any better? Realistically it’s a two party system right? Well not officially but let’s face it…. Democrat, republican….. are they different? To be honest I’d take trump over May…. at least he has guts… basically a bunch of assholes


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