The truth about parenting

No Sandra, your kid isn’t a fucking angel who slept straight through from 2 weeks old…. we all know you’re lying because you have the same downtrodden look in your eyes as us.

The thing is parenting was easy when I had my ex with me, I was basically super dad…. honestly it wasn’t even hard, I basically just gave off daddy vibes and it all fell into place.

The thing with dad vibes that I later discovered was that there’s no such thing as dad vibes and that the reason these dad vibes were so effective was because SHE DID EVERYTHING!

It’s true I basically just woke up when I wanted to, greeted child with a chirpy voice and a high 5 “what you doing?” “Toys?” “Want to eat?” Maybe chuck in a new toy on occasion to cement the awesome dad notion and then spend my evenings hanging out, watching tv and living my life.

It was pretty cushy, basically all of the glory none of the work and the funny thing is I like many dads actually believed I was doing it.

So as you can imagine when we split…. I had quiet the harsh awakening, all of a sudden I went from easy version every day to a weekly hell.

All of a sudden I was on my own trying to make it all work but to be honest I didn’t know anything about the real things. I inherited a toddler not a baby so no nappies at that point or baby food but it was exhausting. Honestly it’s laughable how little I had a clue.

Obviously I worked at it and got better, it was just hard. I love the little brat more than I could possibly ever love anything so making it work wasn’t the end of the world.

So I guess I should say to all of the mothers out there making their fella feel like he’s done half, great job! To all of the dads out there doing better than I did…. great job! To all the single fathers who found the same thing as me….. great job! You’re all amazing!


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