So I’m back where I started and it’s a nice place to be

So for those of you that know me, I’m what’s known as a social psychologist… I left the scene a long time ago when “pick up artists” joined along and used the teachings behind what I do for bad (I like to think of it as a Jedi/sith type situation).

So the truth!

Anyone who’s studied social dynamics and social psychology will be able to teach you to find a girl or boy friend…. the laws of attraction although seemingly so random actually are a rough evolutionary process. The difference is a pickup artist will teach you flash tricks and schemes to improve you in one way, a real social psychologist will teach you how to be better in social situations, this will range from changing your attitude towards friendships, family, workplace and yes man/woman relationships.

So yeah on the level…. I do well with the fairer sex and before I started learning this stuff I didn’t. The difference is I’m not pretending to be something I’m not, a “pick up artist” (or PUA as they like to be known) will often be running through a script of some description.

I will admit that about 80% of the work I do get is people in some way wanting to be better with the fairer sex, almost all of them are men…. so there are serious overlaps.

I guess I just wanted to point out the difference, I’m not massively a fan of what the “PUA”s do…. but fuck it I often end up doing it myself.

On that note stay tuned and my next post will be my guide for how to get hot women (just messing).


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